Type 3C Hair
MindBodyGreen.com Type 3C Hair ft. ShikSona & Glam Set Go

Type 3C Hair

MindBodyGreen: Type 3C Hair ft. ShikSona Beauty Type 3C Hair: What It Is, How To Care For It & The Best Products To UseThe world of curly hair is a diverse one. While some people might have loose corkscrew curls, others might look much tighter. And don't get us started…

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WellandGood.com Features ShikSona Beauty

Because skin changes as we age, each decade brings about an entirely new set of needs, and dermatologists are constantly recommending routine swaps for your 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond. In addition to adding skin-supporting ingredients into your daily regimen—like retinoids and peptides—you may also want to consider switching up your cosmetic lineup to include foundation for mature skin.

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Eatthis.com: Look a Decade Younger
EatThis.com features Victoria Stiles

Eatthis.com: Look a Decade Younger

Victoria Stiles, ShikSona Beauty Creative Director/Celebrity Makeup Artist explains, "Looking and feeling younger starts with our daily habits—what we eat, how much exercise we get, and what we put in and on our bodies. Adding in daily exercise to sweat out the toxins slows the signs of aging and leads to a healthier and leaner body. Sugar is one main ingredient we can limit from our diet to not only achieve a more youthful look but also contribute to our general health.

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Bustle.com features Victoria Stiles of ShikSona Beauty
Bustle.com features Victoria Stiles of Shiksona Beauty recommending Demora 24k Gold Eye Masks

Bustle.com features Victoria Stiles of ShikSona Beauty

Celebrity makeup artist and ShikSona Beauty’s creative director, Victoria Stiles, recommends these Demora 24K gold eye masks with castor oil, glycerin, collagen, and other premium ingredients. Stiles loves that these “can be used daily prior to applying makeup” for brightening and hydration.

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GC4Women.org x Sonali Chaturvedi
GC4Women.com feature Sonali Chaturvedi of Shiksona Beauty

GC4Women.org x Sonali Chaturvedi

The point is that we all need a little self-assurance in some areas from time to time, and when we find there’s something that makes our heart rates skyrocket, it’s a clear sign we need to work on building our confidence mojo. Our financial confidence is no exception.

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Bustle.com Features ShikSona Beauty

Contrary to what Elle Woods might say, orange is the new pink — when it comes to lipstick trends, at least. Makeup artists believe that people are craving more bright and experimental beauty looks than ever, hence the rising popularity of styles like mint green eyeshadow and graphic eyeliner. “For makeup lovers, our lips and faces have been under wraps for so long,” Victoria Stiles, celebrity makeup artist and creative director at ShikSona Beauty, tells Bustle. “We’re now gravitating toward bolder colors to express ourselves in new ways.” Enter: orange lipstick, this season’s hottest hue.

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