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The 14 Best Eyelash Curlers

Instantly lift, curl and volumize your lashes with these innovative and top-rated tools from Surratt Beauty, Dior Backstage and more.

For eyes that pop and lashes that bring the drama, a coat or two of mascara will, unfortunately, only get you so far. While we highly encourage beauty lovers to experiment with a range of formulas and wands to find the best brand and brush for their wispies, we’d also implore you not to sleep on eyelash curlers, handheld cosmetic tools that gently pinch your lashes in an upward position for maximum length, bend, and volume.

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Traditional Eyelash Curler

What they are: Per creative director at ShikSona Beauty and Glam Set Go professional MUA, Victoria Stiles’ definition, traditional eyelash curlers are “standard stainless steel scissor-handle” instruments.

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Heated Eyelash Curler

What they are: Like a curling iron for your lashes, Stiles tells WWD heated curlers “use a comb to bend the lashes upward with heat.”

Who they’re for: “For newbies and the eye-sensitive or squeamish,” concludes Stiles. Professional MUA, Shiedha Williams Burbage adding: heated curlers can be great for someone “with coarse, thick, or stubborn lash hair.” 

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