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You’re Overpaying For These 30 Beauty & Hair Products, According To Experts

Every time I give in and buy one of those hyped beauty products, I wonder if it’s actually worth the price. I mean, I’m not an expert, but a lot of them seem super overpriced, am I right? Do you really need to spend half your paycheck on serums, lipsticks, and oils? Maybe not. According to some beauty experts, you’re unfortunately overpaying for a lot of beauty and hair products. Don’t worry — in this list, these experts share their favorite holy-grail inexpensive options so we can all stop overpaying.

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These 24K Gold Eye Masks That Are Full Of Premium Ingredients

Celebrity makeup artist and ShikSona Beauty’s creative director, Victoria Stiles, recommends these Demora 24K gold eye masks with castor oil, glycerin, collagen, and other premium ingredients. Stiles loves that these “can be used daily prior to applying makeup” for brightening and hydration.

A Pack Of Comfy False Eyelashes With Thousands Of Five-Star Reviews

Stiles also stocks up on these false eyelashes. These skin-friendly, comfortable falsies can be re-worn up to 15 times each. “As a makeup artist, I go through false lashes fast. I also wear falsies daily myself, so having the option of buying in bulk from Amazon is key,” she says. This bulk pack is great for everyday use, because it comes with 14 pairs for only $10 and has over 7,000 five-star reviews.

An Invisible Lash Glue That Holds Strong All Day Long

Stiles recommends this DUO lash glue to pair with your long-lasting false eyelashes. It’s understandable why this cruelty-free glue is her “favorite” — it dries quickly, and it’s water-resistant. Plus, it comes in a completely invisible clear option or a dark tone to match your eyelashes.

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