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16 Foundations for Mature Skin That Makeup Artists Can’t Stop Recommending to Clients Over 50

Because skin changes as we age, each decade brings about an entirely new set of needs, and dermatologists are constantly recommending routine swaps for your 30s, 40s,  50s, and beyond. In addition to adding skin-supporting ingredients into your daily regimen—like retinoids and peptides—you may also want to consider switching up your cosmetic lineup to include foundation for mature skin.

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Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation

Although this is a lightweight foundation, it contains a heavier pigment than a traditional tinted moisturizer, says Victoria Stiles, a celebrity makeup artist and Creative Director at ShikSona Beauty. It has buildable coverage, clean ingredients, and it also “contains ceramides to add hydration to the skin and plump and the natural skin-finish helps diffuse the appearance of imperfections.”


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