About the Brand


Created for busy super-women on the go, Shiksona is beauty simplified. Our signature set of 5 lipsticks and lipglosses include vibrant, timeless universal shades that look amazing on any skin tone and can be worn for any occasion. All ShikSona beauty products are made with only the highest quality clean ingredients, and are vegan, paraben-free, gluten-free and cruelty-free. 

Working as busy executives, founders and sisters Sonali and Shikha didn’t have the luxury of time to squeeze their beauty routines into their busy schedules, so they developed a line of multipurpose beauty products that are easy to use. Busy women on the go already make a lot of important decisions each day and shouldn’t have to search through ingredients, analyze quality, and choose among hundreds of colors just to find lipstick and lipgloss that makes them look and feel great. With ShikSona, the choice overload is eliminated –taking the guess work out of makeup shopping! The versatility of our colors, allows you to go from day to night, work to play, casual to glamour, AND our lipsticks can be used on your lips, cheeks and eyes—one product beauty.

The Chaturvedi sisters believe deep down, that every woman deserves to feel beautiful no matter how packed her day might be. Feeling beautiful is about feeling your best, having confidence, feeling strong, and being happy. On the surface, getting yourself to look the part is an important piece to feeling the part. Enter our motto BeautEase: Beauty simplified for the modern day super-woman. ShikSona consistently provides women that boost of confidence to take on the world!