About the Team

Headshot of Sonali Chaturvedi

Sonali Chaturvedi

Sonali has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years and owns a small business that provides IT consulting services. Passionate about helping other women achieve the same success no matter what their circumstances, Sonali knows that feeling and looking beautiful are all part of the process. So whether it’s that quintessential no-makeup makeup look or full-coverage glam, Sonali believes that every woman should feel beautiful in their own unique way.
Headshot of Shikha Chaturvedi

Shikha Chaturvedi

Shikha is a corporate executive dedicated to proving that beauty and brains can coexist. Even with the demands of her day job, Shikha makes it her obligation to inspire and empower all the women she meets – showing that you don’t have to give up your beauty to make time for your hustle.
Headshot of Victoria Stiles

Victoria Stiles

Creative Director
Victoria Stiles is an Award-Winning Hair and Makeup Artist and Lead Stylist at a Global Television Network. A creative paragon, Stiles has over two decades of beauty and production experience having worked in fashion print editorial, lifestyle, celebrity, political figures, New York Fashion Week, and network television. A trusted celebrity stylist, Victoria has traveled the world providing hair and makeup for album cover shoots, concert productions, and press for popular performing artists. As Creative Director and Beauty Expert at ShikSona, Victoria delivers in-depth guidance to applicable use of our clean beauty line of cosmetics, providing knowledge and techniques in applying our timeless shades. Stiles creates exclusive beauty content that incorporates short feature commercials and interviews for social media that spotlight strong women who are the driving force behind ShikSona.
Headshot of Seven Yu

Seven Yu

Chief Beauty Officer
Seven’s passion for all things beauty began at a young age. Dabbling in all forms of creative arts, it didn’t take long to discover hair as her greatest medium. Almost instinctively, Seven began cutting hair at the age of 10 to all who would allow her— family, friends, and neighbors alike. She was always the starter of a braid train during playtime and styling hair or applying makeup for her older sisters’ events and parties. Seven’s professional beauty career began after finding college and traditional learning unfulfilling. She decided to pivot from an English degree and enrolled at The Aveda Institute in Washington DC before continuing on to Paul Mitchell The School in Tysons. Since then, Seven has trained rigorously worldwide with and among the beauty elite. “Building a strong foundation for my education was important. I wanted to be the best, which meant learning from the best.” She adds, “the industry is forever evolving and it is imperative to adapt. That is the greatest gift I can bring to my clients and my team.” As a globally trained and nationally published Artist, Seven’s work has graced the runways of NYFW to the cover of magazines to celebrities, musicians, and influencers. She has been known as the “best kept secret” to some of the DMV and NYC elite. Seven joins Glam Set Go as Chief Beauty and Creative Officer. In this capacity, she will continue the lead of its Founders to make luxury beauty accessible while providing revolutionary and quality experience-based services. She hopes to build an inclusive and diverse team of Artists focusing on cultivating talent, education, passion, and professionalism.