At ShikSona Beauty, innovation and quality are at the core of everything we do. Our multipurpose makeup and skincare lines are vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, and are carefully crafted using only premium quality beauty ingredients.

Cruelty-free, Paraben-free, Gluten-free, Vegan Makeup and Skincare

Our Brand

Created for busy superwomen on the go, ShikSona is beauty simplified. Our multi-use collection of lipsticks and lip glosses boasts an array of vibrant, universally flattering shades suitable for all skin tones, effortlessly complementing any occasion.

Our skincare line is meticulously crafted to deliver a rejuvenating experience, leaving your skin refreshed and radiant. Our comprehensive range includes a gentle cleanser that purifies and revitalizes, alongside our innovative dual-purpose, no-rinse face mask & primer, a lavender soothing toner, and our wonderfully hydrating CBD Face balm specifically formulated to replenish and invigorate, ensuring your skin’s natural beauty is enhanced with every use.

Our Story

Working as busy executives, founders and sisters Sonali and Shikha didn’t have the luxury of time to squeeze their beauty routines into their busy schedules, so they developed a line of multipurpose beauty products that are easy to use. Busy women on the go already make a lot of important decisions each day and shouldn’t have to search through ingredients, analyze quality, and choose among hundreds of colors just to find lipstick and lipgloss that makes them look and feel great. With ShikSona, the choice overload is eliminated –taking the guesswork out of makeup shopping! The versatility of our colors, allows you to go from day to night, work to play, casual to glamour.

The Chaturvedi sisters believe deep down, that every woman deserves to feel beautiful no matter how packed her day might be. Feeling beautiful is about feeling your best, having confidence, feeling strong, and being happy. On the surface, getting yourself to look the part is an important piece to feeling the part. Enter our motto BeautEase: Beauty simplified for the modern day superwoman. ShikSona consistently provides women that boost of confidence to take on the world!

Shikha and Sonali Chaturvedi, founders of ShikSona Beauty

Beauty with ease.
Beauty simplified for the everyday superwoman

Core Values

We are proud to be a women-led, principled brand driven by values appreciated by other busy women:

Customer Focus
Product Innovation
Ethics and Integrity
Brand Inclusivity
Team Diversity
Social Engagement


Multipurpose products Made for Busy SuperWomen On-The-Go

Multi-use lipsticks work as blush on cheeks, shimmer color on split bullets also work as eyeshadow on eyes and highlighter on cheeks, and shimmer lipglosses on eyelids or as cheek highlighter

Great Makeup Begins with Great Skin

Our Products

Our line of easy to use, multipurpose makeup and skincare products are specifically designed for busy women on the go. With ShikSona’s focus on busy women, innovation is at the core of our products. Our lipsticks can be used on your lips and cheeks as blush—one product beauty. Plus, our shimmer lip glosses can be used on the cheeks as highlighter or on the eyelids. The split duo bullet lipsticks in our Work Hard Play Hard collection feature 2 colors side by side; blend them together for a third color option. Both sides of the Split bullets can be used on lips and cheeks and the split bullets with shimmer colors can be used on the eyes and as highlighter on cheeks.

The same care and innovation carries over to our skincare line. Our CBD Face Balm works well simply as lip balm and under eyes for crows feet, but the real star of the show is our BeautEase Face Mask & Primer. This no-rinse face mask can be used overnight to hydrate, firm, and brighten your skin all while you sleep! Use as a primer before applying makeup to minimize pore size, for a more even application of foundation with a luminous and flawless finish. Our Lavender Toner is a well-balanced toner that soothes irritated skin, adjusts pH, all while removing dirt and residue. Finally, our Milky Cleansing Cream is a hydrating face wash that washes away dirt, oil, and makeup without stripping skin of its vital moisture.


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Reflective of our brand’s vibrant colors, and ease of use for all women, our style guidelines are flexible based on usage.

Preference is for black or white logo placement at top left or top center in all media, using either the stacked or horizontal version. Distance between logo and outer edge of media should be no closer to the edge than the distance between the ‘Double S’ mark and the name ‘SHIKSONA’. Ultimately what looks best in relation to other elements takes precedence.

Color suggestions differ between makeup (warmer colors) and skincare (cooler colors). Avoid yellows/greens, and ensure proper contrast between logo and background. Drop shadows may be incorporated if necessary; all other styling preferences not suggested.



Poppins Thin – 100

Poppins Light – 200

Poppins Regular – 300 

Biryani Extra Light – 200

Biryani Semi-Bold – 600

Biryani Bold – 700

Biryani Black – 900