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ShikSona Beauty: Garnering Acclaim from Forbes,, Buzzfeed, and L’Officiel USA

In the fiercely competitive beauty industry, few brands have managed to capture the attention and recognition of esteemed publications like Forbes, New You (, Buzzfeed, and L’Officiel USA. ShikSona Beauty, a trailblazing company that continues to push boundaries, has earned its place in the spotlight, thanks to features in highly regarded articles such as Forbes’ Valentine’s Day Gift Guide,’s Beauty Awards, Buzzfeed’s Asian-Owned Brands Beauty Products list, and L’Officiel USA’s Best New Beauty Products to Shop in July 2023. Let’s explore the incredible achievements and exceptional products that have elevated ShikSona Beauty to new heights.

Forbes: Vegan Lipsticks for Travelers

Forbes, a renowned platform known for its coverage of entrepreneurship and emerging trends, showcased ShikSona Beauty’s vegan lipsticks in their esteemed Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. The inclusion of ShikSona Beauty’s lipsticks in this curated selection not only highlights the brand’s commitment to vegan and cruelty-free beauty but also recognizes their ability to create products that cater to the needs of modern travelers. ShikSona Beauty’s lipsticks have become synonymous with quality, convenience, and conscious consumerism. features ShikSona Beauty

Original post: features ShikSona Beauty

New You: Celebrating Beauty Award Winners, a trusted destination for exploring the latest beauty trends, awarded ShikSona Beauty with a coveted spot in their 2023 Beauty Awards. The recognition signifies the brand’s outstanding contributions to the beauty industry. As a winner, ShikSona Beauty has been applauded for their dedication to excellence, cutting-edge formulations, and unwavering commitment to providing customers with transformative beauty experiences. This honor solidifies ShikSona Beauty as a brand that consistently exceeds expectations.

Buzzfeed: Spotlight on Asian-Owned Beauty Brands

Buzzfeed, a digital media powerhouse celebrated for its diverse content, featured ShikSona Beauty in their 2023 article highlighting beauty products from Asian-owned brands. By embracing their heritage, ShikSona Beauty has become a beacon of representation and empowerment while demonstrating the brand’s impact and influence within the beauty community.

Buzzfeed article: 33 Beauty Products from Asian-Owned Brands That Will Have You Feeling and Looking Your Best

L’Officiel USA: New Beauty Products to Shop in July 2023

ShikSona Beauty’s star continued to rise as L’Officiel USA showcased their latest beauty launches in July 2023. The inclusion in this prestigious article highlights the brand’s innovative product offerings (like the split bullet lipsticks released this summer as part of the Work Hard Play Hard Collection), and captures the essence of their cutting-edge approach to beauty. ShikSona Beauty’s presence in L’Officiel USA solidifies their position as a trendsetter and a brand at the forefront of the beauty industry. 

L'Officiel USA's Best New Beauty Products to Shop in July 2023 featuring ShikSona Beauty's split bullet lipstick "Working Vacation"

ShikSona Beauty’s accolades and recognition in esteemed publications like Forbes,, Buzzfeed, and L’Officiel USA underscore our remarkable journey in the beauty industry. From vegan lipsticks for travelers to groundbreaking skincare launches and inclusive beauty products, ShikSona Beauty has managed to capture the hearts of beauty enthusiasts nationwide. As the brand continues to leave an indelible mark on the industry, we anticipate a future brimming with innovation, empowerment, and global admiration.