Fashion Reverie - Makeup Hacks Examined

Fantastic or Flop? Makeup Hacks Examined

When it comes to makeup routines, we’ve trusted the wisdom of our mothers, learned from top makeup artists on tv and in our favorite magazines, and found helpful tips from friends.  These days, everyone is turning to social media for everything from pasta with feta and tomato recipes to makeup tricks.

From the weird to the wonderful, Fashion Reverie asked a group of top makeup artists to give their take on some of these viral trends, and while they don’t always agree, their responses just might surprise you.

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Hack #6: Give yourself a vibrant, rosy blush by applying lipstick to your face

Victoria Stiles, award-winning celebrity makeup artist and creative director of ShikSona explains that you can “get a jumpstart on sun-kissed skin for summer with this easy makeup hack. Fake a day at the beach by applying a red color lipstick to the forehead, cheeks, and nose before foundation. This naturally flushed look is also a safe alternative to avoid skin damage from harmful UV rays. When choosing a red color lipstick, stick with a product with clean ingredients such as ShikSona’s lipstick in Barrier Breaking Beauty.  By choosing a product with all-natural ingredients, it will be less likely to clog pores and irritate the skin.”