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Health Habits You Should Avoid if Over 50

Avoid these and live a longer, healthier life.

As you approach your 50s noticeable changes like loss of muscle, bone, collagen and a slower metabolism are inevitable. There’s no stopping the aging process, but with a few important lifestyle adjustments you can slow it down. Not This, Eat That! Health talked to highly regarded medical experts in the country to find out what to expect when you hit this milestone age and what advice they give for making the most of it healthwise. 

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A good skincare routine is essential and it’s so important to use the right products, Victoria Stiles, makeup artist and creative director of ShikSona Beauty says, “People over 50 should avoid any alcohol-based skincare products such as lotions and moisturizers as these tend to dehydrate the skin. Many moisturizers are alcohol-based so the product absorbs quicker on the skin, requiring less time to apply. As skin matures, it needs all the moisture it can get so choosing products that are water-based is key to healthy, hydrated skin.”